Tech news as we know it has become obvious and predictable. The widespread adoption of technology has meant the mainstreaming — and unfortunate dumbing down — of its coverage. No one seems to be asking the right questions. Journalists who should be challenging the status quo are too cozy with the people who push the products, platforms, and narratives. Worse, the quest for “content” has created a space in which anything goes, no matter the quality. It’s a defective experience, and the audience deserves better.

I started my career more than a decade ago blogging about technology at Engadget. I’ve watched — and helped (hopefully!) — tech journalism evolve from a weird enthusiast’s pursuit into one of the internet’s dominant topics.

And I think it’s time for something new.

So we’re making a new thing. Something that asks different questions, finds different answers, and is honest with its audience. It’s called Input — a publication that puts technology at its core, both in how we tell our stories, and in which stories we choose to tell.

I’m excited for The Outline to get a sibling, and to use so much of what we’ve learned (and built) in the past two-and-a-half years as the foundation of this new endeavor. There’s a lot more to say soon about what Input is and where it’s going, so sign up and join us on the trip.

Joshua Topolsky